Pause on 1:13 scary lol.

F*ck, i want those, everything she's wearing in this video

1:11 Creepy as fuck! Love it. During afternoon tea, theres a shift in the air, a bonetrembling chill that tells you she's there, here are those who believe the whole town is cursed, but the house in the marsh is by far the worst. Hahahahahahahhah! Hilarious! Love you Rani.


LOLL 34 is def not old. It all depends on how well you maintain yourself. She is a brilliant actress n a dancer...


If you have left India, leave India alone. We enjoy what we like and that is what Bollywwod will produce...

This is my favorite trailer for this movie

Child, when something is underrated, it means it deserves more appreciation than what people think. Stop blindly defending something without even understanding the original comment. As for this song, Rani Mukerji rocks, and her expressions are to die for.