Star Wars: Episode VII - Le réveil de la Force




Firstly let me say that I'm a huge Star Wars fan and have been since I saw A New Hope in the 70's.
After the disaster of the prequels I hoped that JJ Abrams would have done justice to the best sci-fi series ever. However, rather that develop the saga further he decided to play it safe and remake episode IV with some extra actors thrown in. For all of the mistakes in the prequels, at least George Lucas had the guts to actually develop the story!
I could go on at length at the shameless plot and character copies in Episode VII, but there are countless other reviews on this site that have covered this. Special mention must go to the sad figure of Kylo Ren, who could win Least Scary Villain Of The Year award with ease; I actually laughed when he removed his face mask.
It wasn't all bad, but it could have been so much better.
Disney have blown it I'm afraid, so avoid this movie and remember the great original trilogy, all the better now for showing that they cannot be bettered.