▪️First of all fuck anyone, yes anyone, who thinks abortion should be illegal. Your religious bullshit opinions are literally impending on my healthcare and you have zero right to do so. Thats between my doctor and I. Dont believe in abortion? Those are your BELIEFS. Im not a Christian and we dont share the same beliefs, we never will. Not everyone is Christian. If Christians want to take a religious stand, lets look at another religion. Jewish religion says life does not start till a fetus takes their first breath. If the life of a mother is put in danger for a pregnancy, that is possible murder. Why are Christians taking away freedom of religion for Jews? ▪️Dont like abortion? Dont have one. You are not my medical professional. You do not own others. So. Why do people medically require #ABORTION? Birth control fails. Mine failed. I had an ectopic pregnancy due to my IUD failing. I didnt even want the IUD but my insurer refused to cover the birth control that worked for me for 10 years due to some bullshit law. It happens all the time. So it goes, I had to get the ectopic removed or I would bleed to death. In many of these new ridiculous anti-choice laws theyre claiming I would be a murderer. Ectopic pregnancies cannot be “replanted” and I dont regret saving my life. ▪️Rape, incest and assault happens unfortunately, and Im not normalizing this because I think we should guillotine those guilty of these crimes but currently in this culture it happens. A lot 🤬. ‪ We let rapists off the hook for attacking women, this culture makes excuses for them. They assault adults and children, and now certain states are going to punish those victims by forcibly making them give birth to their rapists child? They even give the rapists rights to the child - WHEN THE RAPIST SHOULD BE IN FUCKING JAIL. What in the ever loving fuck is wrong with this country? Oh! Its a misogynistic cesspool. ▪️Forced birth is abhorrent and medieval in concept. Parenthood should be consensual. Sex is not consent to pregnancy. We have the medical technology to attempt to control when we want to become parents. This technology isnt fool proof, but its available because people are going to continue to have sex (hopefully consensually. You can have “religious views” about it all you want. People will have sex. Not only is this not a Christofascist nation (lets hope) and not everyone shares your religion but SEX IS GOING TO HAPPEN. That being sad, people dont have sex souly to make a family. ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. ▪️If a fetus is a “person” at 6 months, if a zygote is a person and if life begins at conception then male masterbation is genocide. Upon pregnancy one should be able to insure the “person” and collect if anything happens to it. Blowjobs are cannibalism. Ultrasounds are child pornography. You cant deport a pregnant person upon pregnancy because theyre carrying a US citizen. Male vasectomies should be mandatory since theyre reversible and will prevent homicide. Viagra and Cialis are the two most dangerous drugs on the market. Men must start paying child support immediately. Fathers of aborted fetuses need to be arrested as accessories to murder. ▪️If a heartbeat defines personhood, and defines who matters, then why dont undocumented immigrants have more rights? Undocumented immigrants have heartbeats. People killed by police had heartbeats. School children that were shot had heartbeats. Uninsured people with medical issues have heartbeats. Pregnant people who have cancer and need chemo to survive, but cant get chemo due to being pregnant and require an abortion have heartbeats. Women who want abortions have heartbeats. Its obviously not about the heartbeat because Forced birthers dont give a shit about any of these issues. Its not about life. Its about control. ▪️Pro life people dont want people getting abortions yet they want to criminalize birth control? Thats exactly whats in the legislation in Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, etc… is why pro life agendas are always about controlling women, they always involve this kind of bullshit. Its NEVER about healthcare or “life” for them, their agendas are anti sex and pro forced birth and its painfully obvious. ▪️A fetus does not have more bodily autonomy than the pregnant person. Outlawing abortion doesnt end abortion, it only results in “back alley” procedures that end up killing adults. Pro-Life opinions are based off of misogynistic garbage. Even if you ban abortions, abortion procedures dont go away. Why do you think it was legalized? Banning it only results in adults dying from botched back alley procedures. “Pro-lifers” dont care. I dont have the right to tell men what to do physically with their bodies. I also wouldnt know what would be best for them personally. “Oh Joe, dont get that vasectomy! Its not Gods plan! Youre ending millions of potential lives” 😑🙄 ▪️I also hate people who reluctantly say theyre okay wth abortions but stipulate “not late term abortions! ” NEWS FLASH: Nobody spends eight months being pregnant and then wakes up one day like “nah nvm lets end this. ” People getting late term abortions WANTED the baby. They picked out baby outfits, they made a list of names. Theyre getting an abortion at eight months because of a medical emergency and they HAVE TO. Late term abortions occur because the baby is dying, dead or killing them. Forcing people to endure natural birth and labor in these situations is not only ignorant and cruel but deadly. ▪️Forcing anyone into parenthood is cruel and ignorant also, but late term abortions have so much false information surrounding them. Youre not improving health care when you defund Planned Parenthood and deny millions of women their provider of health care. Youre not improving healthcare when you deny the fact that people will seek out and receive abortions no matter what. The women, and the people in general, of America deserve better than others, who care nothing for their autonomy or their personal choices, or their health, deciding the future of their health care. ▪️AGAIN let me make this clear that banning abortion does not reduce abortion rates at all. When you create an environment that makes abortion services either unaffordable or unobtainable under suitable medical professionals, people still find ways to get them. When you outlaw, or diminish abortion services, the only thing you accomplish is putting pregnant adults at risk of serious harm. You help nothing. Parenthood should be consensual, and a choice. You cannot make parental decisions for other human beings. Adult human beings are not incubators. Abortion does not go away simply because you make it unsafe. ❤️ALSO I got an abortion and I DONT REGRET it at all. Im not ashamed of it either. I became pregnant and I absolutely didnt want a fucking kid. It was 110% the right choice for me. You dont know how that feels and you dont get to make those choices for others. Die mad. #ProChoice #AbortionIsHealthcare.

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Tardigreat free online without. Avilovesyou ive compiled a huge google drive folder of anarchist, socialist, feminist, anti-colonial, anti-imperial books+ essays, crip + disability theory, queer theory, critical race theory, film theory, transnational + diaspora trauma study essays, and writings that combine all of the above some essays ive got from school, most of the books and some essays r from beautiful people on the internet to be updated as often as i get more shit. which is fairly often~ new categories r: abuse, domestic violence, consent, rape. film theory +chinese film +soviet film. ananarchism+socialism. anti-prison. crip theory + other disability theory. diaspora, transnational trauma. education. empire + hegemony (anti-colonial/imperial, etc. feminism, womanism, black feminism. gender + queer theory. history. MENA (middle east/north africa. misc essays. novels. palestine. philosophy (sorry. pop culture + tv analysis. race,  ethnicity, racism, antisemitism. religion. resistance theory. science (ideology, philosophy, history. yiddishkeit categories r growing + changing as i put more time into organizing these files and receive more stuff to add. also a lot of the new stuff ive received from other ppl i havent had time to look thru properly so i know ive miscategorised some stuff but w/e ill get to that in the summer. if u have anything ud like to add to this drive, please email me @ Photos of Peruvian Trans Women Depicted as Saints and Religious Icons This series by Juan Jose Barboza-Gubo in at the NY Museum of Sex rn and its honestly so rad The first sound was a snowmobile, somewhere in the distance. Then, with no warning, a dozen RCMP vehicles, including prisoner vans and RCMP-branded Suburbans, roared out of the pre-dawn darkness and stopped just short of the watch camp where Wetsuweten land defenders have been resisting a court-ordered evacuation of their lands to make way for a pipeline. Backed up by tactical officers, dog teams, and drones with infrared sensors, dozens of RCMP officers began raiding Wetsuweten land defender camps shortly before 5 a. m. Led by one officer bellowing “Police! Stay Calm! ”, dozens of officers flooded into the watch camp. One read a statement aloud saying that police were enforcing an injunction order and that anyone present had 10 minutes to gather their things and leave, or be arrested and charged with obstruction of justice. At least six land defenders have so far been arrested, several being dragged away in handcuffs. Police smashed the window of a truck and dragged out a woman who was naked and had locked herself inside. One RCMP officer repeatedly threatened a VICE reporter and another journalist with arrest, ordering them out of the camp while they conducted arrests. Police also attempted to prevent journalists from photographing or filming members of the tactical enforcement teams, the green-clad militarized units which stormed the Gidimten barricades a year ago under the supervision of “lethal overwatch. ” VICE saw multiple members of the same unit at the watch camp, armed with what appeared to be sniper and assault rifles. “Shame on the RCMP! Shame on the colonizer! ” land defenders screamed as they were dragged away. As arrests carried on, RCMP ordered journalists farther and farther away from the scene, apparently in response to orders directly from the tactical enforcement team officers. KEEP READING] A man breaks into your house wanting to destroy it for a pipeline. You tell him to leave. “Lets negotiate, ” he says. You tell him its not up for negotiation. He sics the cops on you and tells the news this isnt the outcome he wanted. Do you accept this? The RCMP are nothing but terrorist pigs for hire by colonial corporations. IF YOU LIVE IN CANADA, CALL BC MINISTERS AND DEMAND THEY RESPECT WETSUWETEN LAW AND DECLARATION ON THE RIGHTS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES ACT (BILL 41. SEE OTHER WAYS TO OFFER SUPPORT NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE. This is so unfair This connects back to what a lot of Black cis and trans women have been saying about constructions of gender resting in whiteness. The things people say that routinely exclude trans women have been used to deny womenhood to Black cis women as well. So, to put it another way… Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, who has more Olympic medals than anyone else, is a physiological freak of nature. But he wasnt banned for his double-jointed ankles (that allow him to make more powerful kicks. They didnt force him to wear special sleeves around his double-jointed elbows (that help him pull through the water faster. They didnt ask him to remove bone from his extra-long arms. They didnt ask him to swim in a separate pool full of thicker liquid. They didnt ask him to take a tranquilizer before he swam to somehow make it more fair to the other competitors. There was no concerted effort to blunt the “unfair advantage” his natural physiology gave him. No. We know exactly why this is happening to Caster Semenya, why so many people think its okay. Its racism, sexism, and transphobic bullshit. Fuck this gender-panic fuckery. Genderqueer/non-binary celebrities Amandla Stenberg: non-binary actress and singer (The Hate U Give, The Hunger Games) she/her; they/them] Ezra Miller: genderqueer actor (The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Justice League) prefers he/him but is comfortable with all pronouns] Chella Man: genderqueer YouTuber, actor & model (Titans) he/him] Brigette Lundy-Paine: non-binary actor (Atypical, The Glass Castle) they/them] Angel Haze: agender rapper & singer (Battle Cry, Cleaning out my Closet) she/her; he/him] Indya Moore: non-binary actor & model (Pose, Queen & Slim) they/them] Ruby Rose: genderfluid actress, model, talk show host, DJane (Batwoman, OitnB) she/her] Asia Kate Dillon: non-binary actor (Billions, OitnB) they/them] Quintessa Swindell: non-binary actor (Trinkets, Euphoria) they, them] Jonathan Van Ness: non-binary television personality, podcaster & hairdresser (Queer Eye) prefers he/him but is also okay with they/them & she/her] Feel free to add other celebrities or to correct me if Ive got something wrong! Lachlan Watson: Nonbinary actor (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) they/them] Liv Hewson: Nonbinary actor (Santa Clarita Diet, Let It Snow) they/them] Bex Taylor-Klaus: Nonbinary actor and voice actor [Voltron, Scream] sam smith (they/them. singer gerard way (he/they. member of mcr dorian electra (they/them. singer sonicfox (they/them. esports player Rebecca Sugar! they/them she/her. Cartoon show-runner: “Steven Universe” Jacob Tobia - non-binary voice actor (they/them) played Double Trouble on She-Ra! Jay Harper- andro/gender-fluid actor and singer (they/them but comfortable with he/him and she/her) jayisjo ( jayhoward_official on twitter) performer in ‘Ultimate Storytime Karin Dreijer (Xe) non-binary/genderfluid, queer, Swedish singer/musician/songwriter and co-founder of the Knife. Also has solo project called Fever Ray (which is very queer. Feverray on Instagram and @feverray on Twitter. Andrea Gibson (they/them) Non-binary slam poet and activist Janelle Monae. Hasnt specified pronouns yet) Singer, songwriter, artist and actor Literally lost this post and had to scroll way the fuck back down my dash to find it again and rb because Im going to cry over it. Yes I know, I cry over everything these days, fuck off. I literally just started halfway coming out to people in my real life this week and this shit is fucking validating. I got 60 out of 1000 😂 Spread the News THE TRUE INFORMATION FUCKING THANK YOU THIS IS WHAT IVE BEEN SAYING The tone deafness is mind numbing Okay, so is the point of these things to give cops an excuse to shoot unarmed black people for looking at their cell phones in public?  Or is it to make mass shootings easier by slipping these guns past security in schools?  This is cartoon villain levels of awful.  Fuck the NRA. Guys maybe youre also forgetting the possibility that this gives police a reason to murder ANYONE who could try to RECORD THEM IN THEIR CRIMINAL ACTS. In this day and age its vital to record the police, but with this being a thing they can reasonably say they were “afraid for their lives” that someone was gonna pull THIS on them and then shoot bystanders without question This is heinous Getting close to fifteen thousand notes and almost every single comment is outraged and disgusted, at least people can see the terrifying implications of this Dear sweet, merciful Christ… this is terrifying. Honestly. This is just psychological trauma in the making Can we support him please.

A confession to make Im a young woman with a bunch of flaws, one of them is my love for makeup. On the other hand, Im also a science student, the combination seems rare but it really isnt. Lately there has been a lot of ‘rumble in the beauty jungle about germs, while the germaphobia has been around for a while now in modern society (I especially noticed this during the time I have spent in the USA, hand sanitiser everywhere) there has never been much talk about cosmetics and the possible bacterial growth occurring in them. Because of the stir this caused lately, Ive decided to look into the matter myself. SO, keep on reading even if you are somebody who never touches makeup, since this is about cosmetics in general and dont lie, you use them as well. The production of cosmetics In most cosmetics preservatives can be found, this makes their shelf life longer, thus longer useable. This prevents the growth of bacteria or fungi, but a simple oil-based product can also count on its oils as a preservative. The concentration and amount of the preservative which is added depends upon the product. Well known preservatives are parabens, benzyl alcohol, salicylic acid, formaldehyde and tetra sodium EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. Most products will contain some of the preservatives mentioned above, if you buy preservative free products be aware that they expire quicker, and you have to watch out for signs of expiration. About preservatives Parabens have caused a stir for a while now, I did some research and there is still no proof that they are actually harmful, the FDA keeps investigating under the ‘better safe than sorry motto, which is logical. Parabens are derived from PHBA an acid found in many fruits and vegetables. They do a good job at keeping your products fresh! So why the uproar? It all started in the nillies, 2OO4 to be exact, A doctor in England reported that 18 out of 20 breast cancer tissue samples contained parabens. Parabens can mimic the actions of oestrogen, and oestrogen can enhance tumour growth, this was *of course* picked up the mainstream media, drawing the conclusion that parabens cause breast cancer. So where did they go wrong in their thinking? No evidence was found that the parabens had caused the tumour or made it grow, a tumour has a lot of blood passing through (they demand a big blood supply) so everything that is in your blood can be found there in higher concentrations, this is quite logical. So, whatever is in your blood can be found in your tumour and maybe even at a higher concentration. The doctor even had to make a statement that these conclusions were false and that it was not proven that they were harmful. It did trigger a lot of research, but the consensus is still that parabens get metabolised and leave your body, no harm done. So why the paraben free products? They are not made for the very small minority of people with a possible allergy to parabens. There is nothing smarter for a business than to jump on the band wagon of mass hysteria. It sells so they make it. Formaldehyde This is an organic compound, it occurs naturally in some foods, they slightly alter it for its use as a preservative to formalin. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen for people (causing cancer) but dont start to freak out just yet. Chemistry is all about the concentration of things, apple pits are toxic, but not if you only swallow two. The same principle counts for formaldehyde. The allowed concentration is regulated and no more than 5% formaldehyde can be used in cosmetics, this concentration is safe. What factors can affect the shelf life and bacterial growth? A product gets older, so do the preservatives that are contained in it, the preservatives can break down, causing the product to be more susceptible to fungi and bacteria. Your fingers are a bacterial fiesta, do not dip your fingers in your cosmetics before you have washed them, it would be even better to avoid any finger dipping. Mixtures of water and oil can start to sperate, making them unusable. Exposure to moisture makes your cosmetics more susceptible too, the same with temperature changes and sunlight. Can a product be contaminated right from the start? Yes, but in most ‘first world countries this is quite rare, a few reasons this may occur: Contaminated raw materials, water or other ingredients. Poor manufacturing conditions. Ingredients that encourage growth of microorganisms, without an effective preservative system. this is something we might be seeing again soon with the rising trend in products without preservatives. Packaging that doesnt protect a product adequately. Poor shipping or storage conditions. The law There are no real laws around the expiration of cosmetics so use your common sense, a 10 year old opened cream might not be the best plan. If the texture, smell or looks are different from the original product, its a sign that the product has gone off. Some products will stay good more than a year after the expected expiration, others might have gone off before the date. What does science say? Lets start with a small test by Dr Paul Matewele, Senior Lecturer in the School of Human Sciences and expert in microbiology and immunology, the test was ordered by online cosmetics retailer escentual. 5 beauty products were send in by women (a very small sample, I know. 4 of them were expired if you follow some thumb rules (more about that later. All five contained unsafe levels of possibly harmful bacteria. 4 of them tested positive for Enterococcus faecalis. this can cause multiple infections to humans including meningitis, especially dangerous for new born babies. Other bacteria found, and possible infections possibly caused by it: Eubacterium (can cause vaginosis) Aeromonas (can cause gastroenteritis and infected wounds) Staphylococcus epidermidis (antibiotic resistant bug, can be harmful for people with implants etc. Propionibacterium (can cause acne) and Enterobacter (can cause respiratory and urinary tract infections. Of course, This test had a very small sample group, but Ill show you more. If I have freaked you out by now, no worries actual illness because of makeup is not too common, we all have lovely immune systems and for most of us that will do the trick, sadly, Im not one of them, jeej me. Ill describe the abstract from another study Another test used 91 cosmetics with all kinds of different textures (emulsions, pastes etc. They examined the products before during and after use to test the preservatives used. An excerpt from the studys abstract: AIM: To evaluate the microbial contamination of 91 cosmetics (23 o/w emulsions, 47 tensiolytes, 21 aqueous pastes) in three different states of use (intact, in-use, ending product) and the protection efficacy of the preservative systems most frequently used in the analysed cosmetic formulations. METHODS AND RESULTS: Total bacterial count, isolation and identification of pathogenic isolates were performed on the collected cosmetics. About 10. 6% of tensiolytes (13. 5% bath foam, 6. 7% shampoo, 10% liquid soaps) were contaminated by Staphylococcus warneri, Staphylococcus epidermidis and Pseudomonas putida. The efficacy of the preservative systems of two cosmetic products, tested against standard micro-organisms (Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 4338 and Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 9027) and two isolates from cosmetics in this study (S. epidermidis and P. putida) satisfied the Cosmetics, Toiletries, and Fragrance Association and Official Italian Pharmacopeia criteria, while only one tested cosmetic respected the Rapid Challenge Test criterion. CONCLUSIONS: Contaminated cosmetic products are relatively uncommon, but some products, unable to suppress the growth of several micro-organisms, represent a potential health hazard. SIGNIFICANCE AND IMPACT OF THE STUDY: The challenge test may be performed not only during the preparation of the preservative system in the intact cosmetics, but also be used to evaluate the protection efficacy during their use. thumb rules There are thousands of different thumb rules on the internet surrounding the expiration date of cosmetics, and most of them are put on the internet by… beauty companies or makeup sites, what a shocker. While some of these thumb rules simply follow common sense other are ridiculous, please dont throw away a product just because you dipped your finger into that powder once. Ill give you some tips along with some FDA approved tips eye-area products expire quickly, if an eye area product like mascara becomes dry, throw it away do not add water or saliva to it, its better to buy a new mascara than to buy yourself a pretty eye infection. throw away your mascara if you had an eye infection after all even high-end mascaras are no more than 50 bucks, your eyes are worth more than that. Do not share makeup if possible, unless you clean it and the applicators very well. Do not put store testers on your face, best not to use them at all but oh well, weve all been there. Store your cosmetics in a dry, dark area with the containers closed, make sure the temperature is not to high, a bathroom shelf is not ideal actually… wash your hands before using cosmetics: creams, makeup… dont put your dirty fingers in your cosmetics if you can avoid it, wash your hands or use an applicator and a spatula. If you use a brush for your makeup every day, clean it at least once a week (I give them a quick wipe down every time after I used them and wash them once a week, your skin will be grateful. dont double dip: finger dip, applying to the lips, another finger dip, applying to the lips, you can see where that goes wrong (guilty. if the smell looks colour or texture of a product changes, throw it away. Extra: how to clean your makeup Since Im an immunocompromised person I tend to pay a lot of attention to this, skin infection is not new to me but its better since I clean my makeup and brushes often. Everyday: After I used my brushes I give them a quick wipe down with brush wipes (makeup remover wipes are also fine I think) but the brush wipes are cheaper over here. Every week: I clean my brushes with a brush cleaner diluted with water, you can make it yourself quite easily I imagine, but again the ingredients are more expensive than the brush cleaner over here. I have 16 brushes it takes 10 minutes. Every month I think about which makeup I used this month and pick them out, I spray them (package and product) I use disinfectant alcohol 70% from hansaplast but really any brand is fine, if it has 70% alcohol and is meant for use on the skin (the chemists can sneak some out of the lab, but this advice is for the people that dont have 5 litres of alcohol in their locker. Spray it on the product with a spray bottle and wipe it clean with a tissue, some product will be lost but it will be cleaner than it was before. This works for all powder products, for creams you have to scoop the top layer off, Im sorry. You can spray lipsticks and wipe them down, product will be lost, but Id rather loose product than get an infection. Conclusion While some products pose a health risk, most of them are safe, and even if there is a health risk most of us wont get ill our immune system will protect us. Still a bit of caution may be needed to prevent skin issues like infections, acne… if you dont have a good immunesystem. Disinfecting your products and brushes is not a bad idea every now and then, no need to be so frantic about it as I am (Im crazy I know. Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think! Sources: Gastropods You may have never heard this name but Im sure you know the creatures that belong to this class. You know them as snails and slugs. Snails have shell and slugs dont, although some slugs still have a very small internal fragment of the shell left. Mollusca: We are family, I got all my sisters with me! Gastropoda belong to the same group (phylum) as the squids, octopuses and nautilus (Cephalopoda) another member of this group are Bivalvia: scallops, mussels and clams. Where do they live? Gastropods are true all-rounders, they live in both salt and fresh water and on land. What do they eat? Some eat dead plants and animals, some only eat plants, some are predators and they can be vicious. Maybe thats something you would not expect from a snail, so you might want to see this life and death situation with overly dramatic music: This is a Cone snail, it belongs to a group called Conus, although that group is not used anymore, we will use it to simplify the matter, they are venomous, and some can even kill a human with a single sting… If you still think that all snails are cute little and slimy, sorry if I ruined it. Anatomy This is the simplified anatomy of a gastropod. They are more complicated than you hoped for, but Ill try to break it down for you: Lets go gliding! Well start at the mouth and end at the Anus – we will follow the way the digestive system takes us: Some snails have a very special mouth, a sort of elongated snout, used for feeding. Its called a proboscis. They also have a tongue although it is wildly different from ours, its called a radula and it has little teeth made of chitin (chitin is a hard polysaccharide. You can compare it to something everybody knows, its basically sand paper and they use it to shred their food into little pieces. There is something called a ganglion around the mouth, a ganglion is a cluster of nerves, its the blue ring you see on the picture above. In the stomach, they digest their food with ferments coming from the digestive gland. The smallest food particles end up in the digestive gland itself, this is where the last step of digestion takes place. As some of you may have noticed snails also have a crop. We are not going to look at the crop in detail, so lets keep it at: it passes along the food and there is also digestion taking place. They have a heart and blood vessels but not like ours or like squids; we have closed off vessels, their circulatory system is an open system, they dont have a second layer of epithelium around their veins. Blood and the fluid in their body can mix, meaning their blood is unlike ours, they call this type of blood haemolymph. If youre still with me after all this anatomy talk, you deserve a snail hug! Buckle up because there is more anatomy to come! The heart is of course connected to their gill or lung, depending if its a land or water snail (and since snails are hard customers, of course there are lots of exceptions) Gonads are basically where they produce gametes (sperm cells or egg cells) more about that later, everything ends in their mantle cavity, there the excrements and gametes are welcomed to the world. They also have a pair of feelers, most of them have two pairs, the upper pair has eyespots, they use them to ‘see although they dont see the world in HD, its mostly about sensing light. They use the lower pair to smell. Last but not least they have a foot, they use this to move around and a lot of snails can close off their shell with it. Snails and ‘lovemaking Gastropods are mostly hermaphrodites, which means they are both male and female. Some can even reproduce asexually. They can fertilize themselves. We know snails are slow, but what you didnt know is that their love making session can last up to 12 hours! Their little shell is also of key importance to mating, the spirals in their shells need to be the same meaning a snail with a clockwise (right) shell cant mate with a snail with an anti-clockwise (left) shell. This is a well-known fact since Jeremy the snail travelled the world to meet another left snail but was left out in the cold when another left snail turned up and was more successful with the ‘lady. Poor Jeremy.  Maybe there is a Jack for every Jill, but not for Jeremy. Mind you this genetic mutation is rare, so on a day to day basis in snail world, their shells wont keep them apart. How long do they keep sliding around our world? This depends on the species and varies between 2 to 10 years and sometimes up to 25 years, 25 years in captivity to be clear. How big do they get? Bigger than you expected I can say: they range from a microscopic length to an often measured 18 centimetres or 7  3 / 32  inch in the species Achatina achatina. Size doesnt matter, all snails are beautiful to me. A special salute to our naked friends Slugs are polyphyletic. Try saying that 10 times in row! It basically means that they have arisen multiple times throughout evolution, independent of each other, a quite logical result is that they do not all belong in one ‘group in biology. While you cant see their shell some still carry the remnants inside them, it is often used to store calcium salts. They arent picky when it comes to food they eat plants, lichens, mushrooms, decaying animals… I couldnt resist adding a picture of a cute sluggie: A leopard slug or Limax maximus. You snailed it! If you glided through this whole blog with me, I salute you and thank you for reading! If you have any questions or comments about the article, you can leave them in the comment section and Ill get back to you as soon as I can! Enjoy a sluggish weekend! BYE! Sources used: my own memory and notes from my course in invertebrate biology my textbook from Prof. Dr. Artois Tom, special thanks! Biology, a global approach by Campbell & Reece Pictures: A short introduction Tardigrades, Have you ever heard of them? Tardiwhat? Tardigrades! Tardigrades are also called ‘waterbears, ‘bears of the moss and in Dutch they were given the dysphemistic name: ‘lelijke beer or ‘ugly bear. They are well known to the public because of their enormous ‘cute factor. But why exactly do we call Tardigrades bears? Apparently someone decided that they looked like eight-legged bears. Mind you, that takes some imagination: So, now that we have introduced this little fella its time to continue our journey through the land of Tardigrades. Tardigreat isnt it? How big are they? Since that could make their ‘scary factor go up drastically, wouldnt it? No worries, Tardigrades are half a millimetre long in general, although some can be a full millimetre long. In other words, they are what we call: microscopic animals. If youre lucky you may be able to spot one with the naked eye. For your information, Tardigrade doesnt mean anything close to ‘bear it means slow stepper and when they are stepping on your microscope slide they sure as hell are slow. Can you image being put on a slippery glass plate, how quick would you be? Tardigrades arent that slow, they simply cant swim, as you can see they have eight legs and each leg has a claw, in a normal place (a. k. a. not a glass plate) they can reach what I would call; a normal speed when they have something to hold on to. Where do these lovely Tardigrades live? You can find them all over the world in moss, leaves, soil, and Lichens is also something they like as a ‘home. Lichens is basically a household of a Fungus and an Alga or Cyanobacterium, they help each other out to make life a little easier on themselves. But these creatures can also be found in both fresh and salt water. They eat plant cells, Algae, and small invertebrates. Their anatomy is pretty straight forward; they have a mouth, a pharynx, an oesophagus, a stomach, intestines and last but not least an anus. They can reproduce sexually or asexually, they can also self-fertilize since some Tardigrades are hermaphrodites. If anybody is wondering… yes, they do have a brain. This brain is dorsal (just like ours) but they have a paired ventral nervous system. Tardigrades dont have a circulatory or respiratory system in their body cavity like ours, its a type of body cavity that does the job itself. Its called a hemocoel and it touches every cell. They are able to do their gas exchange throughout their whole body, pretty cool, right? There is a sort of fluid in that hemocoel that transports their nutrition and oxygen. Tardigrades dont shed tears, they shed their cuticle Tardigrades are Ecdysozoa… great so what does that mean? Roughly, without going on too long about it, it means they have a cuticle. A cuticle is a hard and fexible shell made from proteins, you can find this outside their epidermis, it is their outer layer. They shed that cuticle every now and then and that makes them a member of the Ecdysozoa. Imagine this: you are 8 years old standing there strapped in heavy rugby gear. Now imagine yourself 10 years later, still strapped in that same heavy rugby gear… wouldnt work out very well, would it? Thats why Tardigrades have to shed their cuticle when they grow, otherwise they would get squished from the inside. Be as hard as a Tard They are considered the most likely animal to survive an apocalypse by some people and maybe they deserve that title. The Tardigrades that live on land are extremely tough, they can survive extreme temperatures ( 273 degrees Celsius  or -459 degrees Fahrenheit and up to +150 degrees Celsius or +302 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore they can survive extreme drought, lack of oxygen and extremely salty conditions. They can also survive more than 40, 000 kilopascals (400 bar) of pressure, they survive exposure to large concentration of gasses that would easily suffocate most animals. They can even handle ultra violet radiation. This was a crucial piece of information since it was proven that they can survive in space! They can survive a lot of radiation, a lot more than we can. They survive all these things because they can change to different (metabolic) states according to the situations discussed above, this also alters their appearance: I think we can conclude that Tardigrades are very tough animals. Their size, surviving techniques and fertilization options have only helped them to spread throughout our world. They are able to be carried by the wind,  able to self-fertilize and able to withstand the harshest situations known to mankind… That makes them the ruler of microorganisms to me. When we are all gone we can rest assure that the Tardigrades will be there, until then never forget: If you have any questions or comments you can leave them in the comment section and I will get back to you as soon as I can! ‘Till next time! > for the exact temperatures -> for the state image -> as a general article to freshen up my mind about Tardigrades and extra info I had yet to discover, a big thanks and a round of applaus to Sir William Randolph Miller for the lovely article he wrote on the american scientist -> the artist behind inprint on youtube who drew the lovely ‘be as hard as a Tard slogan. -> for the image of Tardigrade anatomy.


I just really want to write a book (in fact, I think that Im going to) where the protagonist is in a wheelchair. And they live in a city where theres a group of superheroes. And theres a big, magical, villain because of course there is. And since they were a young child, this protagonist has wanted nothing more than to join the group of superheroes. Like theyre a huge fan of the group and they just know that its their destiny to join. And one day, when wheeling through the city, they see the group of heroes fighting the villain. And they quickly wheel over and cry, “Let me help! ” But the ‘heroes laugh and instead make a whole bunch of ableist remarks. And so the protagonist has to prove themselves. And the villain is trying to warn them to stop. But the protagonist ends up taking their footrest off of their wheelchair and they swing it. And it hits the villain in the side of the face and the villain collapses and groans in pain. And so the protagonist proudly smiles and turns to the group of heroes. Because they just proved that they are strong and worthy enough. But the group of ‘heroes still keeps making ableist remarks. And the protagonist is shocked. And meanwhile, the ‘villain staggers to their feet and is standing next to the protagonist wheelchair. And one of the ‘heroes goes too far when calling the protagonist the R word. And the protagonist and the ‘villain just sort of glance at one another. And the ‘villain is just like, “You know…I can zap them for you…if you want. ” And the protagonist hesitates and says, “Yeah, alright! ” One fried group of heroes later, the ‘villain says, “Why do you think that Im always fighting them? Theyre all a bunch of assholes. ” And the protagonist sadly nods and starts to wheel away. Then: “Hey, do you want a job? ” The protagonist turns at the villains remark. And the protagonist mumbles something like, “Oh, come on. I dont need your pity. ” And the ‘villain is like, “Pity! Do I look like someone who hands out pity! I dont pity you! Im kind of afraid of you, to be honest! I mean…Im going to have a giant bruise on my face because of you. ” “Yeah…sorry…” “Water under the bridge! So, what do you say? Do you want a job? ” And the protagonist thinks about it for a minute before shrugging. And the ‘villain is all excited because theyve wanted someone to work with them for years but no mortal is allowed to ‘step into their lair. And then the ‘villain stops and is like, “Hang on…you cant work with me in that. ” And they gesture to the protagonists wheelchair. And the protagonist is all embarrassed. And then the villain goes, “Because we can get you a much better wheelchair! Itll look great! And itll be indestructible! And itll have all sorts of weapons and gadgets! Hey, how do you feel about flying…? ” And all of that is literally in the first chapter and then the rest of the story follows the two going around the city like BAMFs, forcing people to stop being ableist, one way or another. And maybe itll have some commentary on the scale of morality and what it truly means to be a hero and what it truly means to be a villain. Would anyone be interested in this! Because I really want to write it! YESSSSS. ALL MY YES PLS WRITE IT ID READ THE SHIT OUT OF THAT YES PLEASE OP HERE! Man, its so surreal to look at this. BECAUSE I ACTUALLY WROTE IT! AND IT WAS JUST PUBLISHED TONIGHT! Of course, there are some differences between the final book and this original idea. The most notable difference is that all of this takes place in the first book (its going to be a series. and the whole ‘superhero thing is just going to be a front. Theres a few other differences as well (such as a huge plotline involving Merlin and immortal characters. BUT I WROTE IT! AND ITS PUBLISHED! AND IF YOURE INTERESTED, YOU CAN BUY IT HERE: AND IF YOU WANT TO HELP ME OUT, YOU CAN REVIEW IT! AND IF YOU REALLY WANT TO HELP ME OUT, YOU CAN SIGNAL BOOST THIS POST WITH THIS REPLY SO THAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY KNOW THAT THE BOOK NOW EXISTS! oh man you so rarely see ‘what if posts on tumblr get an actual follow-through. great job op! ill check it out.

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Yo who am i To the people saying Americans are only freaking out about coronavirus because its Chinese: What the fuck? Maybe people are freaking out because its new. It can kill people, and the media had been saying it was going to be a pandemic. Americans freaked out when Ebola was coming around, and theyre going to freak out about the next potentially deadly outbreak because thats what they do. There are some racist people out there, yes, that are surely just painting this as a Chinese only thing and are being racist towards Chinese people. However, its not all of America. Stop generalizing all of America as racist because your Uncle Bob and Aunt Shiela are racist. so apparently cutting up the declaration of independence to make a collage of baby yoda is unpatriotic? like thats some bullshit right there i think thats exactly what the founding fathers would have wanted police cars: sound of sirens nearby* Woojin, who has never done anything wrong in his life: theyve found me Jeongin: Hey Chan how do you say in english takatakatakataka? Chan: Chan: Helicopter Stray Kids as things Ive heard/said before Minho: After drinking a bottle of water, I loudly squash the bottle with my hands while holding eye contact with someone in the room to show dominance. Woojin: peer pressures friends to talk to their crush while theyre drunk* This is a great idea and you should thank me after if you remember. Chan: My body is calling you, but you decided to hang up. *sad wink* Changbin: If I was divided in percentage, I would be 70% thoughts about throwing myself on to traffic because of any minor inconvenience and 30% lyrics or some shit like that. Jisung: Quick question, how do you make your pussy pop? Like is it even physically possible? If so, how— hey stop laughing, IM SERIOUS! Felix: does the whip after talking about anything for emphasis* also) does the whip in 2019* Seungmin: Stop saying “ Lets get this bread and this yeast” Im fucking alergic to glutten, you asshole. Hyunjin: Might fuck around and *does the woah * cry as soon as you criticize me in any way possible. Jeongin: Funny how youre teasing me for being a kid. At least I dont have to pay taxes. In fact, I dont even know what taxes are! Ok but this woman is living the dream theyre perfectly imperfect me when i see a cat: CAT! cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat Fun fact: when I see cute animals, I forget English and automatically revert to my native Hungarian. I dont know what bystanders make of me, reciting guttural gibberish to rabbits. But the real question is, what are you SAYING to the rabbits? Is it ‘RABBIT! rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit bunny bunny bunny awww cute bunnyyyyy? Well, I usually say the Hungarian equivalent of ‘bun bun bun lil bun look at your tiny spoon-shaped ears awww bun brave little lawnmower bun, but sometimes I say ‘hey rabbits, my sisters gonna go to med school because I think everyone should know. I live in Japan, and I always revert to English to talk to small animals, and I was cooing at this tiny little fluff machine of a puppy in baby english like “hello youre so cute such a cute hello hello yess youre good” and the 70 year old Japanese lady that was walking him started to *translate the baby talk english into Japanese* for her pup. She wanted to be sure he understood it too. I was at a pet store with Eileen. A woman walked up to us and asked if she could pet her. Eileens collar has ‘Deaf Dog embroidered on it. The lady asked about it, I confirmed, yes, shes deaf. The lady immediately switched to American Sign Language and asked her how was her day, was she being a good girl, shes so pretty. Eileen is wagging her tail excitedly, knowing that someone is talking to her. Since that fateful day in 1492, Columbus has been seen as a hero in the eyes of Americans. Recently, the horrible crimes that he committed have been the topic of a national conversation. Columbus Day is certainly a hot-button issue, but there is only one morally sound decision: America must abolish Columbus Day and replace it with a day to honor his Native American victims. As his explorations have become a staple of U. S. history, Columbus has been molded into a symbol, not a real person. Many supporters of Columbus call him a “symbol of American success”, but he was more than a symbol. He was a complex human being, and idolizing him lets us ignore his flaws. Columbus has come to represent heroism and exploration. These are important values, so why should we taint them with Columbuss name? Columbus does not deserve to be honored for making a navigation mistake. On his expedition, Columbus was attempting to sail to India, not to the Americas. He ended up landing in Caribbean Islands through no effort of his own. This mistake resulted in Native Americans being called Indians for centuries, an inaccurate label.  Columbus is often credited with discovering America. However, he didnt discover America, because the Native Americans were already there. Its impossible to discover a region thats already occupied with millions of people. Furthermore, Native Americans were extremely knowledgeable about the climate and ecosystem of the Americas, and deserve honor much more for their contributions to our understanding of geography.  Columbus enslaved the Native Americans, seeing them only as a means to profit. This wasnt his first time trading slaves, though. Before his expedition, Columbus made a living selling African slaves in Portugal. Through his ventures in Native American slave trading, he created the Transatlantic slave trade, setting in motion our countrys most shameful and horrific piece of history. Columbus was responsible for Native American genocide. He committed the first mass genocide of Native Americans, a massacre of 8, 000, 000 people. Within one generation of Columbuss arrival, about 15, 000, 000 Native Americans were killed. By time Columbus left, only 100, 000 Native Americans were left, and by 1542, there were only 200. Columbus day isnt just not “politically correct”. Its a holiday that celebrates one of the most evil, genocidal, and racist people in history. His kill count is on par with everyone killed in World War I, and yet America still idolizes him. Its the responsibility of legislators to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day.

Biggest-gaudiest-patronuses: biggest-gaudiest-patronuses: nan0neko: biggest-gaudiest-patronuses: there is no final version of yourself. we never stop growing or changing, nor should we. stop beating yourself up for not being ‘there yet. The final version of yourself is the one you die in I think Oh, well I dont know how it works with you mortals fun fact! this quote has gotten popular on twitter, where no one has any idea its from a tumblr shitpost, or of the horrors that lurk in the original notes snitling: Shout out to Jaskier because honestly the only time in the 22 year span of s1 of The Witcher where Geralt looks clean, well-rested, in a good mood and properly nourished is at the betrothal feast dressed as a sad silk merchant outshinethestars: Germany:   America used to be reserved?   Shy?   What happened to him? England: I think your brother happened. Germany:   Ah.  Yes, that would explain it. 😂 followthebluebell: I have been banned SEVERAL times. 1.  i named a cat Potato. i dont see a reason to explain why i named him that. 2. i named my three-footed kitten Yardstick 3. i named this kitten Kickstand.  His leg was permanently stuck in that position, like a bikes kickstand.  i mean, it was until it got amputated. 4. I named a kitten with many toes Terry Toetopolis.  also featuring Kickstand again. 5. i called a kitten ‘bastard so many times that it was the only one hed respond to.  in my defense, he was 100% bastard. 6. a coworker and i had a game going to see how many kittens and cats we could name after harry potter characters before we were caught. (7.  the answer is 7.  ‘Hedwig is the name that got us caught) i think thats it, but i might be forgetting a few incidences.  darkqueen-of-asgard: Op why are you banned from naming cats? Cuz naming that sweet little baby Roomba is fucking accurate af and hella cute followthebluebell: Yeah my boss forgot that Im banned from naming cats. Roomba is blind and beeps a lot so she just kinda moves along until she hits a wall. She also grooms any cat she bumps into. superyummysandwich: You… called a cat Roomba. followthebluebell: Roomba literally just sitting in a tub of water while Pepe holds down her towel. I have no idea why but this made me laugh a bit. I just keep imagining a duckling making minecraft villager noises. aevios: id= screenshot of reddit post by u/impressive-jaguar titled “AITA for putting my single best friends before my married ones all the time? ” “I am 45F and I live next door to my two best friends. We deliberately bought land adjacent to each other 10 years ago because we were sick of being chronically single and being lonely. (our properties are in a triangle) Weve since knocked down the fences on our properties so its 3 houses with a huge garden in the middle which has a vegetable patch and a garden. We even have a small greenhouse and chickens, 2 dogs and a cat who wander around. I consider my friends to be my family basically and its been really nice over the last few years to have my own house but also have people to do activities with, buy stuff in bulk, go travelling etc and just have a good time. We also help each other out a lot eg if Im working from home, I can handle the repair man or sign for parcels, have someone to drive me to the doctor and bring me food when Im sick and vice versa but also have my own space in my house. There are memes out there about how you need 1 person with a Netflix account, 1 person with Hulu and another with Amazon Prime but thats basically our life. My married friend got annoyed at me the other day though because if she wants to make plans, ask a favor etc I always tell her ‘let me check Im not doing anything with Alice & Claire or 'I need to check with Alice & Claire, I think we had plans for that. However I dont see what the problem with that is because shes always telling me 'let me check with Bob (her husband) or shell only meet me if Bob is free. If shes expected to put her husband first before her friends, then whats wrong with me saying I need to put my friends who I essentially live with and share most of my life with? ” /end id] inqilabi: Um this woman is living the dream wuekka: forest-khalse: dorkynanni: southbreak: the-female-gaymer: galadariel: its back will this never get explained to me. what is happening Explanation: They are shooting the scene in Desolation of Smaug where Kili and Tauriel are having their first real conversation in the dungeons. In the scene, they talk about a party happening upstairs (something about the stars, I cant remember. Legolas is supposed to be seen staring at the two of them in jealousy ‘cause he likes Tauriel. Orlando, however, chose to make this glorious blooper happen by wearing a party hat and calling them sluts. WAIT, THIS WASNT A FUNNY EDIT.

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