Diamanti Muhamed Arifi




1:55 ti qifsha grekt ta qifsha krejt serrbin pidh. Eh berati o berat... 😘😎. Bosnian translate. O figur a del dhe you tube me 22. Little man kiss that girl good. Super film👊👌👌👌. I personally think Romancing The Stone was better than Jewel Of The Nile. I watched Jewel recently and found myself bored. Definitely no comparison on my part. But Michael Douglas though... 😍😍 Every girl needs a Jack Colton. Yo it's HAL FROM RIVERDALE. I miss watching dis. Movie is better than the trailer.


A mio parere uno dei migliori film. She wants him to do. that. Like whos watching in 2017. Magnifico    video   Na  Busca   De   Diamante  Verde    _  Michael  Douglas   _ Kathleen    turner       grande    artistes. Sometime in the future it will be decided that Timothy Dalton was the best. I really really like this movie. I'm gonna make an offer you can't refuse. ZEMRA. tik-tak' ça super trailer... Po Ça super film do jet BRAVO! SUKSESE TË GJITHË AKTORËVE QË KAN MARRË PJESË! DRILON HOXHA ☝️. It's in the tunnel son lol 😂. Klas boteror duket filmi, edhe ti Drilon si hollywood star, suksese. Made in Albania. 👐. Bellissimo film. Lufta E AZEMIT PËR KOSOVE. 👍👌💂. Freeze...