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One Room Kitchen is the story of a happy middle-class family with limited earnings. They live in a chawl where the residents are very large-hearted and emphatic although they are staying in the tiny spaces of their rooms. Life is sailing smoothly until the family feels the. Hi! I posted about two weeks ago here and got a ton of replies. Unfortunately, most of them were pretty vague and low-effort (single sentence messages) and also didn't include any photos (I include mine! It's only fair) so I'm gonna give this another shot. Second time's the charm. Here are a bunch of dumb pictures of me, btw. ¯. ツ. ¯ I'm Lex! I'm incredibly laid-back and am not the type to get upset over things easily, especially those out of my contr.

You_should_never_own_guns_in_the_peoples/ you_should_never_own_guns_in_the_peoples/ pasted text. Warning: This rant contains cringe. Also if you cant stomach reading stories about the authoritarian and corrupt police state that is NJ, then avert your eyes. My name is u/skycaptain144238, well obviously thats not my birth name but that honestly is n.






Location kaha hai aur picse kitna. Price? And area locations plzzz. Ret kya hai sir. And area location. Ye flat rent ka hy ya ownership ka? Agar ownership ka hy to price plz bataye, hum interested hy. How much ? And location pls. Mumbai mein kahan par hai aur price. What's the going rate for a flat like that today? For sale and for rent. Boisar main proper kaha h. Price kiya hai. 7004474882 suraj Kumar. Kitne ka hai uska rate kitna hai aap ne bataya.

How much it's rent per month plz give some information about it

Kya price hai please batao. What is the price? You have only 1 flat on 4th floor.