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Richard Hunt did not have a face known to many. his voice was known more than anything else. He was a major stronghold behind Jim Henson's "Muppets. Scooter. Janice. Sweetums' and a few others, were some of the "Muppets" that Richard was a performer and puppeteer of. He helped pave the way for Jim Henson and his company from the 1970s.


I feel like i saw the whole movie from the trailor. Yeah Cambodia but now it's 2018 and I just knew this. Well amanda go find yr mom n tell her she raised a complete idiot! lol. Havent watched it but i seen prisoners and it was so mind boggling. this trailer confuses me if i want to watch it or not. OMG never heard of this movie I am totally gonna go home and find it. He killled his friend. Well, that escalated quickly. Ugh. Why would you tell me they kill him. Awesome. Would love to see one teen romcom where the romantic interest isn't an aryan just ufking one.

People that dont like this film are just ignorant people with no love for the actual ART of film and are just out to watch something that is spoon fed to you. Anyone that truly loves film will love this movie so much, by far one of my favourites. Interesting that loving a person means being their secret psychologist. Amazing movie, one of my favs. Well then. One of the things that keeps me going is sculptural made sculpture for so long, I tend to keep making it. Being a professional sculptor is an interesting combination of a work life and an intellectual life that are mutually stimulating.


Richard Hunt's sculptures of the past thirteen years attest to his enduring talent, energy and en-thusiasm for realizing his artistic vision during the nearly sixty-year course of his prolific career. This new body of work asserts Hunt's internationally acclaimed mastery of the direct welded.

It looks like richard did fuck all

It wasnt that good, and the girls voice got annoying fast.




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