Free Will (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. This article is about the philosophical view on free will. For other uses, see Compatibility. Compatibilism is the belief that free will and determinism are mutually compatible and that it is. Free Will, Philosophy Talk. As a student of psychology I quite enjoyed the movie. It is indeed perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon, or for a watch on a weeknight. It keeps you guessing, just as if you are one of the students in the classroom. The actors played very naturally and the ideas that the movie juxtaposed were pleasantly thought-provoking. The location is a must-see too. Some smart/snappy moments added a good value to the overall taste of the whole thing. The last 5-10 mins of the movie are quite good too. Very tasteful.
Definitely a recommended watch for people who like watching the occasional not-so-high-budget movie.
I am giving it 9 stars because it is a very well paced movie that both keeps you involved and guessing, but does not seem pretentious and overacted. Taking off a point because the very last scene could have been better.



9.9/ 10stars