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My Apologies... I was commenting based on major networks news report I read online that were wrong about this and have made many mistakes reporting. Wait wait wait. but they were security they are blackwater mercenaries from craft international. Why would you need hired guns at race there were more than enough law enforcement officers. The ones you blurred faces on are the perps. lol One of them looks like he was from Mossad as well.

AP: Surviving boston bomb suspect identified as 19-year-old Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev of Cambridge, Massachusetts.
The truth is painful isn't it lol.
I dont think 4chan and think tank is supposed to be uttered in one sentence.

Seems no worse then what the so called profesional journalist do. Your basically guilty till proven inocent and even then they will make out your guilty but you got off if they get more viewers by saying so. The two security personnel are navy seals. The skull on their hat is their symbol. The guys at 1:29 were wearing navy SEAL type boots and hats with the punisher logo like the one Chris Kyle wore.