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BioShock Comments in a Nutshell Bingo (Parody, this is not meant to be taken seriously

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Hey, baristas! Does Starbucks count bakery items and breakfast sandwiches as two different types of items? I have these on my board: GREAT MORNING Pair crafted drink with breakfast sandwhich or sous egg bites in a single order, once during the week and once during weekend TWO FOR YUM Pair any crafted drink with any bakery item after 2 p.m. on two separate Fridays amp#x200B; I'm trying to see if I can knock one day off the list for both at once! Thank you for your help.
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Now you can play NARC BINGO.

Let's create a bingo card for the December Democratic Debate! Suggest spaces in the comments

1. Make 30 3x3 2. Use Skills 10 times using a JoJo 3. Enter Stand Up 10 times using a Part 5 Character 4. Get a score of 2,000,000 5. Play 15 times using a Stand User 6. Enter Stand Up 150 times 7. Make 15 3x3 using a Character with White Panels 8. Enter Stand Up 10 times using a Character with Pink Panels 9. Make and use 160 Boxes 10. Erase a total of 2,000 Cheer Panels 11. Make and use 20 Boxes using a Character with Green Panels 12. Enhance 300 Panels 13. Play Event Bingo 14. Make 5 5x5 15... Please post your recommendations under the heading below! Post your non-recommendation comments. here] 2019_rfantasy_bingo_recommendations_list/ejvmuz0. The official Bingo thread. here] it_is_the_rfantasy_2019_book_bingo_challenge.






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