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Diverting film with a lot of fun, state-of-art special effects and bemusing screenplay. It deals with a dog named Pancho (Jack Russell terrier, in real life the dog is called Cook) enjoys a life of luxury after winning the lottery. His partner and secretary results to be Alberto. Ivan Massagué. a botcher private assistant who attempts Pancho becomes financially responsible. One day, Pancho receives a proposal from a nasty entrepreneur, the millionaire Montalbán (Armando Del Rio) who wants to make Pancho a toy industry superstar. Montalbán's schemes don't work out as expected and he manages to abduct Pancho, in order to make Alberto agree to the business venture. As two thieves, the villain criminals named Marcos (Alex O'Dogherty) and Tenazas (Secun De La Rosa) enter at home to kidnap him. But Pancho getaways, and during his adventure away from his mansion. As Alberto helped by his old flame Patricia (Patricia Conde) search for Pancho everywhere. Pancho, Alberto and Patricia having the most stirring adventure of their lives and all of them discover unexpected circumstances of the real existence. In the meantime, Pancho makes a new friend in the process. They spend one last adventure-filled together holding numerous risks, thrills and dangers.
Enjoyable production about a sympathetic dog with entertainment, awesome moments and funny situations. Entertaining comedy, appointed for all kind of public about a silly premise, a fetching dog, human-alike, suffering several adventures, emotions and misfortunes. Adventure story has everything for amusement, and generates a sense of wonder and surprise with fast-paced action scenes and some images that have you on the edge of the seat. The picture moves in fits and starts most of which would be desirable, with more traps the viewer resists any kind, and some moments of enjoyment and others quite a few disconcerting. The highlights of the movie result to be when the feisty dog -Pancho's real name is Cook- spends time making antics and frolics, as when Pancho prepares a big sandwich. And, of course, when Pancho is taken by a stiff-upper-lip dog-catcher who executes on him a hard training. The gags and mischiefs carried out by the dog are abundant and embarrassing. This Mercedes Gamero, Mikel Lejarza production is a fun movie concerning the intimate dog pulls off childish pranks, distresses and winding up into a roller-coaster adventure. Agreeable acting from Ivan Massagué as Alberto, Pancho's secretary, who administers his tremendous fortune and attempts to persuade him to give up his squandering ways, the beautiful Patricia Conde as his intriguing friend and a couple of bungler hoodlums, marvelously played by Secun De La Rosa and Alex O'Dogherty. Furthermore, Armando Del Rio as the unscrupulous Montalbán and special appearance by Maria Castro and Eloy Azorin as a young marriage who adopts Pancho with unexpected consequences.
Thrilling and moving music score by two greatest Spanish musicians : Lucio Godoy (All about my mother, The others, Fin, Triage, Blackthorn) and Federico Jusid (The Secret in Their Eyes, Isabel, Ladrones. Colorful and glimmer cinematography by Juán Carlos Gómez (El Bola, Azuloscurocasinegro, Gran Familia Española, Noviembre. The motion picture was well directed by Tom Fernández, though it obtained a flop at the Spanish box office. Tom is nice craftsman, a good writer and director, known for his TV series, as ¨7 Vidas¨ (1999) ¨A medias¨(2002) ¨Chiringuito De Pepe¨ (2014. He has only directed three films ¨La Torre De Suso¨ (2007) and ¨¿Para Qué Sirve Un Oso?¨ (2011) and this ¨Pancho, El Perro Millonario¨ (2014.

I rented this movie for 99 cents. And it was worth all 99 pennies. Let me just leave you with this quote, to pique your interest.
"Is he a spy.